Hello GabbaCamp friends!!

I am writing to share an urgent request for donations needed. I just read the novel, the Overstory, by Richard Powers. Here, lies the “urgency.” The world needs to plant more trees and plants, especially native varieties. I run the 501©3 organization, Golden String, Inc. We provide transportation, vocational, respite, and leisure activities for adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and traumatic brain injury. We are building a camp on fifty-three acres for these individuals entitled, “Gabbacamp.” Eventually, with many prayers, we are hoping for 15 cabins to provide over sixty adults with disabilities, a swimming pool, lodge, amphitheater, miles of handicapped accessible pathways, horse barn and riding arena (for equine therapy). We have already raised over $1,000,000 for GabbaCamp.

While our needs are many, I am writing specifically about our need for trees and plants.

Golden String, Inc. is eagerly and actively seeking donations of trees and plants for GabbaCamp. We are focused on improving the environment as well as improving the lives of those with disabilities. We currently have thirteen hives of bees, planted dozens of berry bushes, dozens of trees ranging from American Sycamores to Chicago Figs to Weeping Willows and lilacs. We plant seeds and run a greenhouse. We are the leading composter in our area. We have alpacas and free range peacocks. I want our friends with disabilities to be immersed in the splendor of nature and develop a profound respect for plants and trees. I simply want individuals in wheelchairs to be able to see these plants and trees up close and commune with them. I want to improve their lives. I want them to live like me.

Can you please help us to make this happen? If so, please email or call me or Flavio Aiken at Golden String — flavio@goldenstringradio.org or 614-949-3212 — and let’s do just that. We will gladly pay shipping if necessary. I feel we MUST take care of those that are less fortunate than us. I feel we MUST take care of our earth and its flora and fauna. Please partner up with us and donate. We will gladly promote you nationwide!!

Thank you.
I wish you peace.
Jimmy Sutman, Director
Golden String Inc. and GabbaCamp

Looking to help? You can DONATE HERE or CONTACT US HERE!!

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