Hello! The infrastructure is under construction and the foundations set for our first cabins. Thank you to Hill, Barth, and King CPAs and our Golden String Board for donating the funds for the first two cabins. We are thankful and proud! Please feel free to call me or text me or email me to conduct a tour of Gabbacamp.

I truly feel that Gabbacamp will be a one of a kind camp for adults with disabilities. Gabbacamp will be accessible and safe. Caregivers will share in the experience. Were you able to catch “Crip Camp” on Netflix? Check out the trailer here and think of Gabbacamp in a safer, more wooded vein. We here at Golden String are out to change lives. We want to share nature, good times with friends, and peace with everyone. We want to empower individuals with disabilities too! Be a part of it. Please donate. Schedule a tour today! See you out near our Serenity Garden, to the left of the Kit Keating Bridge! Peace be with you!

Jimmy Sutman
Daily Director of Operations for Golden String Inc.

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