Chassidy Roth

Let us introduce you to her.

Chassidy was born June 8, 1984 in Youngstown, the daughter of Ward A. Roth Jr. and Jayne Pastorie Kalenits. Chassidy was a graduate of Canfield High School and studied Horticulture at the MCTC. She was employed at Gallagher’s Lunch Bucket: The Purple Cat. She was a member of the Purple Cat Organization. Chassidy loved spending time with family and friends. She enjoyed riding Harleys with her father and grandfather. She also enjoyed camping, was an avid traveler and followed Southside Boxing on Facebook. Chassidy loved life.

Chassidy left us suddenly in September of 2018. She left behind a host of family and friends whose lives were made greater by knowing her.

Chassidy was a vital member of the Purple Cat and Golden String teams.  Vital in that she innately understood the needs of her peers with disabilities and advocated for them multiple times daily.  Chassidy was a leader and a champion of  proper communication between staff members.  Chassidy was extremely tolerant of those around her.  Her patience and celebration of the uniqueness of her co-workers was both heart warming and inspiring.

Please support Golden String Inc. ( a non-profit) in it’s pursuit  to improve the quality of lives of others, especially those on the fringes of society.  Support it’s new GabbaCamp and particularly a cabin named for Chassidy Roth.  The cabin will be built by her family, volunteers, and employees of both the Purple Cat and Golden String.  Adults with disabilities will be able to celebrate and remember Chassidy for generations while camping, and enjoying a much needed vacation.  Thank you.

“Hi friends! Chassidy Roth is a gentile breeze in my mind these days. Even though, as I write this, the icy rain patters on window and rooftop, I see her bathed in the sunlight. Maybe on a porch or a cabin, maybe on a beach in an Adirondack chair, sand crusted to her toes. Chassidy loved to travel with us, with her friends, especially on our myriad camp trips and beach excursions. Many of her friends, like her, possessed special needs. Chassidy was their shepherd, their caregiver. She has passed on due to an untimely blood clot, but most of her friends remain. They will now stay in a cabin named for her at Gabbacamp. We have raised close to $10000.00 for her cabin. Much more is needed. Please donate towards the Chassidy Roth cabin. All donor names, no matter amount, will be placed on a plaque outside the cabin. Peace be with you.” ~ Jimmy Sutman

Thank you to the following contributors to the Chassidy Roth Memorial Cabin:
Mahoning Valley Hospital Association
Pam & Bob Devicchio
Scott Horowitz
The customers of Gallagher’s Lunch Bucket

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